A selection of work published in various magazines and newspapers. See more recent work here.

German Xmas Christmas illustration

Editorial: Goethe Institut New York, Xmas



Shaving male grooming illustration

Editorial: Manscaping cover



CER cover1

Editorial: Media censorship in China



Editorial: Supplement cover finance

Dalai Lama picture funny

Personal work: Dalai Lama


online music

Editorial: Music online – separating the good from the bad


Thai Ghost Illustration Nang Tani

Editorial: Nang Tani, Thai ghost story

mountain biking illustration

Editorial: Mountain-biking a la Saul Bass



marketing illustration

Editorial: Asia taking the lead in marketing ideas



going to the movies with family illustration

Editorial: for the Sydney Morning Herald



Indian art market

Editorial: India art auction



Vibrating bra

Editorial: South China Morning Post



Marketing maze

Editorial: Marketing maze


robot maid illustration

Editorial: Smart homes



Dog Meat Trade Images Pictures

Editorial: Dog meat trade Vietnam



virtual reality illustration

Editorial: Virtual reality becoming a reality




Sexual harassment in Japan

Editorial: Victims of sexual harassment in Japan



online shopping China

Editorial: Chinese shopping online



gaming illustration

Editorial: Console vs mobile gaming



art and consumerism

Editorial: Art v consumerism



Automated Home

Editorial: Smart Home


Great War illustration WW1

Editorial: On the centenary of the First World War



Chinese Industrial Pollution

Personal work: Cranes in China


Korean countryside painting

Personal work: Cranes amid doforestation


siberian shaman drawing

Personal work: Shamanic crane dance


Chinese Red Crown Crane Illustration

Personal work: Crane general from Chinese legend


Baby Crane Chick Illustration

Personal work: Crane mother & son


Downtown Tokyo Illustration

Personal work: Cranes in Japanese city


Cranes Flying Illustration

Personal work: Cranes flying across the sea