Hello! Thanks for visiting. I’ll keep it fairly short: I’m a self-taught freelance illustrator from UK (with Swedish blood), now living in wonderful Asia and working for clients around the world. I also like writing and illustrating children stories. I do a sideline in travel writing and photography too.

Leaving England at 18, I headed first for Paris. A scullion’s life wasn’t all what it was cracked up to be and soon I was lured eastward, living in India, Korea, China, now Thailand. I still travel more than I should: it keeps me inspired and gets me away from the glare of my laptop screen.

If you’d like to work together please drop me an email at oliverraw at gmail dot com

Recent/regular clients include:

Wall Street Journal * Conde Nast Traveller Middle East
Business Traveller Asia-Pacific * The Sydney Morning Herald
The Age (Australia) * Campaign Magazine Asia-Pacific
Time Out (Hong Kong) * Gulf News (UAE)
SEA Globe * South China Morning Post
Singapore Airlines * Asahi Shimbun
The Asia Eater * China Economic Review
The National (UAE) * Goethe Institut USA
Absolute Vodka * 48 Hours magazine (Hong Kong)
The Japan Times * Style Magazine (Hong Kong)
TBWA Shanghai * IDEO China
The Korea Herald *Coconuts Media
The Nation (HK) * Empire Magazine
Shanghai Tang * AsiaArtsPacific
Action Asia